The SeisComP Licenses

The text of the SeisComP licenses can be downloaded as PDF from GFZ.

Please fill in the required fields in the PDF document, print it out, have it signed by a representative of your institution and send a scan of the signed document to us by e-mail to  geofon @ gfz-potsdam . de. Upon our acceptance of the license agreement we will send you the key files required to run those programs covered by the SeisComP Public License. In order to learn more about the user community, we would appreciate if you could briefly describe how you learned about SeisComP and the intended use.


  1. GFZ will send you the key files. We generally don't issue individual licenses for single people but rather for institutions. You may therefore share these license files with other non-commercial users of SeisComP within your university or institution.
  2. Additional support by GFZ is NOT provided. However, you can also request professional support (installation, training courses, maintenance, module development and modification) from commercial providers.
  3. Initial documentation on SC3 is provided at We also recommend that you browse and subscribe to the forum at